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SDC Surveying New Attraction Ideas

May 4th, 2011

Silver Dollar City is once again sending out surveys to measure guest interest in various future attraction concepts. The park, and HFEC in general, has a long history of utilizing such surveys to help guide the park's decision making process on numerous issues. This is far from the first survey to test new ride concepts, old concepts that seem to have been shelved can be seen on our Old Ride Concepts Page. The concepts listed in these surveys obviously bear some resemblance to actual rides the park is considering for future additions, but each concept is only a rough sketch at this point in the process, put together only to get a general consensus for which ride ideas SDC patrons are more interested in.

SDC's concept surveys are typically sent to a random sampling of passholders, but thanks to member Tinaalsgirl on our forums, we have the content of the survey to look at.

Concept #1

Stagecoaster: A team of horses idle between two stagecoaches. Choose your mount and strap into the saddle. Your horse suddenly takes off and you are off at a furious pace, hunched close to the ground. Your pace seems even faster as the landscape whips past you at breakneck pace. As you ride the coaster, swerving left and right, you follow tight curves as canyon walls flash past you, closely hugging hills and gullies, bounding through gulches with the rest of your team. The coaster ride is fast & furious filled with hairpin turns and narrow escapes and despite the urgency of your ride, you find the experience surprisingly exhilarating!

This is obviously a Zamperla motocoaster with horse-themed seats exactly similar to Pony Express at Knotts. As HFEC has recently taken over management of Darien Lake, the chain already has a working example of the motocoaster concept to look at. While most installations have been deemed as lackluster by enthusiasts and thrill seekers, the rides seem to be very popular with the younger families that HFEC has been heavily marketing towards lately. Zamperla is already a trusted source of rides for HFEC, having supplied 20 rides to SDC and DW for their Grand Exposition and County Fair additions respectively.

Concept #2

Stagecoaster: Moon Shot: Board the launch vehicle & fasten your restraints as you settle into one of the rows of seats that surround you on four sides. It’s the final seconds of the launch countdown. You hear the roar of the steam-powered propulsion system building up beneath you, then you suddenly shoot skyward, punching through a huge cloud of steam as you soar higher & higher….only to begin a free-fall screaming back to earth. At the very last moment, the thrusters re-start and you are launched up the tower once again…only to sputter at the top for a second time. The falling-launching-falling cycle repeats itself a few more times.

This concept seems to be refering to the old Accelerator S&S shot tower from Celebration City, refurbished and heavily themed for SDC. The theming for this ride looks amazing, but passing a small S&S double shot off as a major attraction might be difficult for the park. The ride was one of the highlights of CC, but with relatively low capacity and a short ride cycle, one has to wonder how well it would handle SDC's crowds. The concept does mention a longer ride cycle than just the typical double shot, so its possible the park is actually looking at a brand new, larger tower, or at least an expanded program.

Concept #3

"The Bull" Wooden Coaster: As you board the great wooden coaster, the blazing scarlet ride vehicle, with its glowing red eyes and serious-looking horns rumbles in the load station and looks as powerful as its flesh and blood counterpart. Moments later you are hanging on for dear life as “the Bull” roars out on the wooden track snorting steam as it tops the lift and sends you screaming through the farm-scape, entering and exiting through a pair of bull-shaped holes previously punched out by you-know-who.

Last but certainly not least, the concept loyal SDC patrons have been waiting to see for years. Nearly every coaster enthusiast that has visited SDC has remarked how well a wooden coaster would fit the park, and the rumors of such an addition have floated around for decades. The photo for this concept was simply a photo of Thunderhead courtesy of With the amazing success Dollywood has had with Thunderhead, its not surprising the see the park look to it as an example. The concept wording mentions a "farm-scape" which can only refer to the Wilson's Farm area at the back of the park where The Giant Swing is located. There's a deep valley on the other side of the train tracks from the farm that would suit a terrain-guided wooden coaster just perfectly. HFEC has a good relationship with the famed Great Coasters International for supplying 2 highly acclaimed wooden coasters to the chain and refurbishing another. After GCII's recent completetion of an epic terrain-fitted wooden coaster at a park in China, it would be a dream come true to see what they could do with one of SDC's vallies.

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