Something’s Missing at SDC

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This news may be a little late, but it appears that a ride was quietly removed from SDC’s line-up over the last off-season. The ride, a toddler sized wave swinger type attraction, was located in the Half Dollar Holler area of the park. SDCFans forum member ‘SDC#1fanposted a couple of recent photos on our forums here showing the void left behind by the ride’s disappearance.


This kiddie swing ride was yet another piece of the old Celebration City park to be relocated to another HFEC park. No word has been given yet on why the ride was suddenly removed without replacement.


Silver Dollar City is expected to make an announcement later this year regarding new attractions for 2015. The park has openly considered remodeling the Geyser Gulch section of the park and expanding it with several new family rides. Rumors are circulating on our forums that the S&S shot tower from Celebration City has recently been removed from that park and has been sighted making its way toward SDC’s backlot.