2013 Roller Coaster Construction Update

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[Editor’s note: This gallery was originally added to SDCFans in 2012 and has been moved to the new format of the site in 2014]

A brief update of the construction of Silver Dollar City’s 2013 roller coaster. This is what I’ve put together for the ride layout so far: You dip out of the station a tiny bit and then immediately hit the lift hill. At the top of the lift you take a sharp dip to the left and then plummet over a rolling, 81 degree, 160ft drop into the valley. The track lifts out of the drop into an extreme overbanked turn that rises towards the train tracks and then plummets back into the valley back towards the base of the drop, a full 270 degrees. I wasn’t able to follow the footers farther than that, but perhaps the rumored tunnel is down there past the drop, or perhaps there is more clearing and footer work to be done down there. In any case, it looks like the track will turn around down there and head back up past the drop again, because we know it passes through the lift hill. After passing through the lift hill, it looks like it will dive into that smaller valley immediately below the station and then curve up around until it finally crosses the train tracks again and into the station.