More Markings Appear for 2017 Project

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The mysterious construction markers around Echo Hollow are multiplying, and as if to throw gasoline on the smoldering new coaster project rumors, some of the markers are clearly marked ‘CL COASTER’. The CL apparently denotes the centerline of the track. Furthermore, an access road into the area is being expanded, and equipment to clear trees is starting to show up.


Check out the most recent set of photos Here on I’ll be heading to the park myself to check it out tomorrow, and I will try to post some photos of my own by Monday.


While the park could be toying with us by planting red-herring markers (some parks have been known to do things like that in the past), all signs seem to be pointing to a new coaster coming to the Echo Hollow area next year. What type of coaster and how it will fit into the area is anyone’s guess, but you can join the discussion here and make your bet now!