225ft Tall Drop Tower and Other Attractions In Latest Proposal for Branson Strip

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Another new attraction has been proposed for the 76 strip through Branson. Currently dubbed “Bigfoot on the Strip”, the project includes a 225ft tall tower on which several rides will be mounted including a drop tower, observation elevator, and two slingshots that are mounted at the top and apparently fling riders towards the ground. The project also seems to include a food truck court, which Branson currently does not have. Some photos and more details are available here.¬†

This is the third in a recent string of small scale, unique attractions announced for Branson’s main entertainment strip along highway 76. The other projects are an indoor climbing and ropes course called¬†“Fritz’s Adventure” and a set of zip lines and an alpine coaster at the new Mountain Adventure Resort. All of these attractions hope to open by this summer.

It’s worth noting that the Bigfoot project includes one of the first major amusement park style rides to be proposed for Branson outside of Silver Dollar City since the closure of Celebration City. We’ve seen zip lines, zip coasters, and even a wild hot air balloon tower attraction, but curiously few actual thrill rides. With all of these smaller attractions seemingly flooding in to grab a piece of the “new” Branson, one has to wonder if we’ll see some larger projects come back soon. Before the 2008 crash, Branson had multiple large-scale developments proposed such as the $600 million ‘Pinnacle Falls’ theme park that would have been next door to Celebration City. Perhaps we won’t be seeing that level of extravagance any time soon, but it certainly seems like the market is starting to heat up again. One new fad to watch are the new tower coasters coming to Orlando, Atlanta, and Atlantic City (read more here). It may not be long before we see another wave of bigger and better attractions in Branson, maybe even with a new coaster outside of SDC.

Branson’s 76 strip is in the process of being re-imagined and revitalized for the future through a plan called “The Spirit of 76”. New attractions such as these are a critical component of making the whole project a success. The hope is that Branson visitors will soon be able to park their cars and walk up and down the strip to a variety of unique attractions, eateries, and shows instead of having to drive from point A to B across town. Check out more information on the Spirt of 76 project here.