An Old Time Christmas 2008

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[Editor’s note: This gallery was originally submitted to SDCFans in 2008 and has been moved to the new format of the site in 2014]

These photos are from Black Friday 2008, typically one of the most crowded days of SDC’s calendar. Even with throngs of people, I still had an awesome time. These photos really don’t do the lights justice. I’m using what’s essentially a pocket camera, so there’s a bit of blurring here and there, but at least you get a taste of what An Old Time Christmas has to offer. Make it to the park before Dec. 30 – you won’t be disappointed!

Of note:
The parking lot is still iffy, but at least lot AC is now open… mostly.
The Big Skillet is back! There was a fire a couple of weeks ago and it was removed for a short time.
Wow, I couldn’t believe how much the dug out of the Landing for the 2010 Splash Battle ride. You’ll be able to spit from the train onto the ride once it’s complete, that’s how close it is to the station.