Branson Zip-Line Roundup

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Zip-line attractions are the current hottest fad in the Branson entertainment market. There are at least five major installations around the city currently, with two more coming this summer. Here’s a quick survey of the zip-line landscape as it stands for 2016:

Adventure Ziplines of Branson

Adventure Ziplines is located behind the Tanger Outlet, next to the White House theatre. This is one of the most extensive zip line courses in Branson, with 7 ziplines total ranging from lengths of 200 to 2,000 feet. The fastest line can get up to 50 mph! The journey also includes traversing several rope bridges at high altitudes. Adventure Zipline tours take approximately two hours. As of this posting, an individual tour seemed to cost $79.99 a person, though group rates and variable pricing may apply.

Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline at Branson Landing

Less a zipline and more of a zipline-inspired ride, this attraction is made up of two side by side lines to which two-seater open-air cars are attached. They call this a “power zipline” for a reason – instead of the traditional gravity powered descent you are wisked away at relatively high speeds backwards across Lake Tanycomo and then forwards again back to the loading platform. Checkout this POV video of the experience. Tickets are approximately $29 online (with tax included), but a combo pass is available that gives you unlimited rides on both the zipline and the hot air balloon ride for about $40 online or $50 in person.

Zipline USA

Zipline USA seems to be the most adventurous and extensive zipline course in the area. The company is located near Reeds Springs, but I’m unsure where they actually take you for the course. Wherever it is seems to be way out in the woods, because the photos of this course are the most “outdoorsy” I’ve seen for ziplines in Branson. They rightly brand themselves as a “zipline canopy tour” and tout their dedication at integrating the course with the surrounding fauna. The course was also carefully designed to eliminate the need for climbing towers. Only 8 stairs are necessary to start the journey, although there is purportedly some hiking involved at parts based on user reviews. This course includes 9 ziplines and costs $89 per person.

Inspiration Tower’s Vigilante Zipline

The most extreme zipline in Branson is at the famous Inspiration Tower. Vigilante involves dropping over 370 feet over a distance of 2370 feet and reaching speeds of over 50 mph. Not to mention that this originates from the top of the huge Inspiration Tower, which all Branson visitors know can be seen for miles. Vigilante only costs $29 per person, and includes a trip up Inspiration Tower itself, which is a worthwhile experience alone. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by Shepard of the Hills proper and see the historic homestead that inspired one of the most famous books in the world.

Branson Zipline and Canopy Tour

One of the first attractions to nail down the zipline craze in Branson, the Branson Zipline and Canopy Tour offers a variety of zipline offerings ranging from 1 to 7 ziplines per tour. There is a tour designed for families in mind, one for scenic views, a high-thrill zip line, and one that just seems to include everything. Prices range from $45-$100 with various age and group discounts available.


Coming Soon:

Branson Mountain Adventure

Branson Mountain Adventure is best known for the mountain coaster attraction currently under construction, but the ultimate plans for the site include a zip coaster (essentially a powered zipline with curves), zip lines, and many other amenities to create an adventure-based resort experience. Since they are focusing on the mountain coaster currently, it seems like it could be next year at earliest before the ziplines are added into the mix.