Cool-Off Water Chute Being Torn Down, New Attraction on the Way

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About two and a half years ago we noticed that the Cool-Off Water Chute attraction was up for sale. The Chute has been in operation since 1974 and is a classic example of Branson strip attractions from the era, but a new wave of modern attractions has rendered it obsolete.


According to the minutes of a recent Branson Planning Commission meeting, a new entity known as “RPM 7D, LLC” has purchased the slide property and is looking to build a new activity center on the site which could include a “downhill thrill ride” and possibly a slingshot style ride. This company apparently already owns and operates properties in other states, and has already applied to create an arcade at Branson Landing. Not much else was revealed about the potential attractions except for the clarification that it will all be outdoors in similar operation to the water slide.


Normally we would speculate that “downhill thrill ride” implies mountain coaster or alpine slide such as the recently opened Branson Mountain Coaster, but this property is pretty small for anything like that unless it was more compact and fairly short. The original propety listing included the two rental homes to the north of the chute, but it’s too early to say if they will be demolished to make room for this new attraction, or if they were even ultimately included in the sale. Perhaps a couple of short ziplines would fit, but compared to the over half dozen other zipline attractions in the area it would be a crowded market to enter.


In any case, this is a prime piece of real estate and it is exciting to know that another ride or two of some sort is on the way. We will be watching for more updates.