Curtains Close on Geyser Gulch

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Geyser Gulch will close forever at the end of the day today. A new set of attractions, to be announced on August 13, will revitalize the area in 2015.

The gigantic playhouse and lakefront novelties have been apart of SDC since 1997 when it debuted under the distinction of being the “world’s largest treehouse”. The main structure was well known for the massive foam ball play area inside, complete with air cannons, hoses, elevators, and all kinds of other fun ways to throw the balls around.¬†Splash pads, water cannons, and all sorts of other interactive elements adorned the waterfront in front of the main structure. The area’s name sake, a “geyser” adorned with steampunk trappings, sat in the gulch near the waterfront with a large pipe leading into the main building where a few interactive elements were made to look like they were powered by the geyser. An old element from a past ride dubbed “Greedy Brother’s Treasure Excursions” was re-used to hold targets for the water cannons in front of Geyser Gulch.

Silver Dollar City will make an official announcement on August 13. You can sign up on this page to be among the first to know what will take Geyser Gulch’s place.

We can only provide our readers with base speculation until the announcement, but from what we’ve seen we expect a total redevelopment of the Geyser Gulch area complete with a new/revitalized playhouse and several new rides that will generally cater to younger¬† children. Watch our forum thread here for more speculation and discussion of this development.


Here are some final photos I took of Geyser Gulch earlier this season to remember it as it was.