Dollywood Tops Off Resort, Hints at Another Major Announcement

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Earlier this week Dollywood reached a milestone in the construction of its new DreamMore Resort by topping the structure off with a massive spire that was lifted into place. The DreamMore Resort will open next season as part of DW’s intensive $300 million make-over into a national resort attraction. The resort is the first resort to be constructed by HFEC at one of the companies several theme parks. It includes 307 rooms, a salon and spa, and a restaurant among other typical resort amenities.

While watching HFEC and Dollywood take this massive step forward as a company has been extremely exciting, there’s still hundreds of millions of dollars in the pipeline to be invested into the Dollywood property over the next 8 or so years. The park is already hinting at the next big announcement, which will be made next year:

(From Times News: )

The hotel will open next year, as Dollywood celebrates its 30th season — and there will be more big news, Ross said.

“We’re very busy behind closed doors,” Ross said. “To plan what we will announce next year as one of the biggest single attraction additions in our 30-year history for 2016. I can’t share details, but can tell you plans are underway.”


Check out more details in this recent news report.


So what could Dollywood be planning? The possibilities are endless. Just two years ago Dollywood opened a massive $20 million roller coaster known as Wild Eagle. Anything that qualifies as one of the largest single attraction additions in Dollywood history will be a significant development in the world of park attractions. While many will immediately assume that the park is planning another huge roller coaster, there are plenty of other possibilities on the table, particularly for a park that is attempting to throw itself into the national spotlight. A few months ago the LA Times noted that many larger parks are starting to move towards combining roller coaster systems with dark ride style elements to create unique immerisve experiences. HFEC is way ahead of the game in this regard, having created some of the first examples of this ride style with the 1972 Fire In The Hole! roller coaster at Silver Dollar City, followed by the extremely similar Blazing Fury at Dollywood in 1978. The possibilites don’t end at dark rides and roller coasters however, as the innovations of theme park technology in the 21st century have created endless ways to spend $20 million on a single attraction.

We’ll be tracking the development of this project and the rest of Dollywood’s exciting growth. Check out our Dollywood sub-forum here, and let us know what you think the 2016 attraction will be in this thread.