Downtown Branson Revitalization Project Begins Soon

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Branson’s historic downtown will soon be revitalized with a series of new improvements including new sidewalks, lamps, benches, and other amenities that will make the area more attractive for shopping and tourism. This project is the product of over a year and half’s worth of public input, meeting, and planning committee meetings with goals that include increasing the area’s economic viability while also embracing downtown’s history and charm. The project has a website dedicated to it which can be viewed here, and a recent news article detailing some of the interesting aspects about the project can be read here.

On our forums we’ve been discussing the need for Branson to reform itself to be more than strip malls and scattered theaters, and it seems like this project in conjunction with the nearby Branson Landing development will turn downtown into an area that will carry Branson’s allure well into the future.

What do you think about this project and Branson development in general? Let us know in this discussion thread on our forums. We’ll be sure to check out the finished project next summer!