Fireman’s Landing Update – Nov. 30, 2014

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Silver Dollar City is speeding along with the construction of Fireman’s Landing, the new area of the park that will feature 10 new family-friendly rides and attractions including the rebirth of the foam ball play area. Since our last update from ACE’s Coaster Christmas event, the most notable progress has been made on the facade of the new Firehouse. As you can see in some of the photos, they’ve already got siding on the front of the shot tower.

Other additions of note include more progress on the shade structure over the balloons’ queue line. It reminds me of the original queue line it had back in Tom Sawyer’s Landing, and with it out in front I think it will help the balloons blend into the park better since they won’t be quite as visible from that angle as I had previously thought.

More concrete work has also been done, and the operation booth for the Fire Wagon seems to be in place. The structures in the lake left over from the Greedy Bros. and Geyser Gulch will apparently disappear during the off-season.

Over in the toy shop adjacent to the new area, things are obviously being cleared out as everything is on sale and isn’t being restocked. Rumor is that this store will receive an extensive make-over to both make it more accessible and to extend its use for products that compliment the new area.

For more information about Fireman’s Landing, check out the official page.