Mysterious $10 Million Attraction Coming to Branson Strip

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A press release has been issued by a yet-to-be-revealed entity stating that a new $10 million family attraction is coming to the Branson 76 strip for the summer of 2016. Details will be revealed at a press release on October 6, but for now the project is shrouded in mystery. All that is known so far is as follows:

  • Project will cost around $10 million
  • It will be the “first of its kind”
  • It will be located where the old Silver Fountain Inn used to be on the 76 strip
  • It will create 35 jobs
  • Billy Ong, a former employee of HFE corp, is a project manager

Those details could point to a number of different possibilities, but it is worth pointing out that $10 million isn’t really a huge figure in the grand scheme of family attractions, and 35 employees is less than a large restaurant would employ. Some possibilities that line up with these facts include a large ferris wheel attraction, some type of custom dark ride experience similar to Pigeon Forge’s Jurassic Jungle boat ride, or a theatre of some type. Or perhaps we’re missing the big picture entirely? We’ll find out in less than a month.

Submit your guess as to what this attraction will be here on our forums.

Click Here for the official press release.