New Chipotle-Inspired Restaurant Coming to SDC

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A new restaurant is coming to Silver Dollar City in 2017 – Percy’s Southwest Grill. Percy’s will be setup in a construct-your-own-meal style similar to Chipotle and other popular Mexican-inspired restaurants. Customers will choose from several meal styles including nachos, tacos, burritos, salads and bowls before customizing to their taste from a selection of meats and vegetables. The move is part of The Year of Food and Crafts at SDC, which will include over 200 new food items throughout the park.

Unfortunately the new restaurant comes at the cost of sacrificing the much-beloved Mary’s Springhouse, which was known for pasta in bread bowls and fried chicken. Mary’s Springhouse was so named in honor of one of Silver Dollar City’s most influential founders, Mary Herschend. Fortunately there are still a few nods to her throughout the park, such as Hugo & Mary’s Carousel in Half-Dollar Holler.

It’s notable that the new restaurant is already being lauded by park patrons for offering a healthier menu versus the typical carb-heavy options the park has traditionally relied on. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new trend in park food for a new generation of guests. However I know for certain that of the 200 new food items for 2017 not all will fit into any sort of traditional diet. I’m looking forward to the custard treats and deep-fried bacon we sampled at last year’s Coaster Christmas!

Percy’s will be open March 15th for Spring Ride Days. I’m planning on being there the first weekend to try it out!

Get more details here on the official site.