New Construction Markings Show Up at SDC

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Our observant friends at have spotted a number of orange construction markings at Silver Dollar City in the area just above the Echo Hollow amphitheater. You can check out the photos and summary here on the MIG blog. It seems the color of the markings indicates that some communication utilities are being relocated in the area. While these specific markings could just be related to upgrades or maintenance at the amphitheater, rumors have already been starting to swirl about a major new attraction for Silver Dollar City in 2017.

While so many park rumors are little more than gossip or hearsay, one can pick up a hunch that something big is on the way to the park within the next couple of seasons just by observing the recent patterns in park development. The 2017 season will be four years removed from the opening on Outlaw Run, which is not a large gap but matches the gap between Wildfire and Powderkeg. In recent years the park has followed a pattern of adding large additions every other year with smaller projects or no development in the years in between. This year is seemingly one of those “dry” years, after the $10 million Fireman’s Landing addition in 2015. Dollywood, Silver Dollar City’s sister park in Tennessee, has been adding new coasters like crazy in the past decade as they transform into a resort destination.

There are certainly no guarantees that any of this means anything other than that some utilities have been located, but you can be sure that the park’s fans will be eagle-eyed all season long for any markings, clearings, or equipment that might indicate something new on the way.