Old Reeds Spring Church In Jeopordy

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A 107 year old church building in Reeds Spring has an uncertain future. The church housed a Presbyterian congregation from 1907 until around 1993 when the church district gave up the church and left it to the city. It is the oldest structure in Reeds Spring, and a classic landmark for those who travel through the city to reach Branson and other local destinations.

Severe storms over the summer have left heavy damage to the roof, adding to a long list of other needed repairs from years of neglect and dilapidation. As historic as it may be, the tiny town of Reeds Spring has a very limited budget and doesn’t seem keen on spending what little they have on the church. At a recent “vision meeting” held to seek out options for the structure, none of the local residents even showed up.

The recent vision meeting did outline a few options for the city to explore, such as developing the structure into a wedding chapel, but with little community involvement and a likely high price tag nothing is certain yet. The city will make a final decision in about nine weeks. Until then, there is one more planning meeting that is open to the public on November 5 at 7pm in the church.

Get more details and see some photos of the church here in this official news story.