Original SDC Stagecoach Completes Tour, Will Return to Park This Fall

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The original Silver Dollar City that was such a quintessential piece of the park during it’s early years was purchased some years ago by a man named Rick Hamby who grew up riding it. Since then he has taken it on multiple cross-state¬†trips, using it not only to educate about the old west but to also spread the practice of good old fashioned pen pals and letter writing. At each stop on his trips he would hand out letters to the local school kids from other school kids in the Ozarks.

This year is the 15th time he’s made such a trip, but now it seems that he’s giving it up. The stagecoach is going to be returned to SDC this fall and will presumably¬†be put on display outside of Outlaw Run, the stagecoach robbery-themed roller coaster at the park.

More details and a video are available on ky3.com