Outlaw Run Officially a World Record Holder

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Outlaw Run debuted back in 2013, but the Guinness Book of World Records has finally caught up and officially declared the ride as the “Steepest Wooden Roller Coaster” due to it’s legendary 81-degree drop. I’m not sure why it took them 2 extra years to make the determination for Outlaw Run, but if you pick up a 2015 copy of the book, Outlaw Run will be in it.

Outlaw Run was constructed by Rocky Mountain Construction using a variation of their innovative Topper Track technology. The Topper Track technique involves using a larger steel section on top of per-fabricated glue-lam wooden beams for track that lasts longer, is smoother, can be constructed faster, and can perform much wilder maneuvers than traditional wooden coaster track. RMC’s innovative track systems are making the company a distinctive leader within the industry, completely revolutionizing the face of wooden coasters. In 2016, a similar RMC creation ironically dubbed “Wildfire” will snatch the record away from Outlaw run with a 83-degree drop.

If you haven’t seen it already, you should check out this great little documentary about the making of Outlaw Run by our friends at Coaster-net.com.

Check out the official press release about the Outlaw Run Guinness record here. The press release states that this is the first time Silver Dollar City has made it into the Guinness book, however I think they might be forgetting the annual most-spinning-tops-at-one-time event that was done for a couple years in a row some years back.

Outlaw Run’s distinction isn’t the only accolade that Silver Dollar City received this month. The park has once again been lauded on CNN’s list of “Best Places to See Christmas Lights in the U.S.”, and 10Bests.com’s list of Best Public Light Displays.