Park & Construction Update – 7/19/09

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[Editor’s note: This gallery was originally submitted to SDCFans in 2009 and has been moved to the new format of the site in 2014]

Well, it’s been a crazy, busy year for me, but I did finally manage to make it to the park this summer on July 18-19. While there’s nothing new this year, the park has never looked better. It’s obvious SDC management has gone over the park with a fine-toothed comb updating and repairing every minute detail of the park. Even the ghost trap underneath Huck Finn’s Hideaway was working.


On the construction side of things, the new Splash Battle construction is in full swing once again. Looks like most of the digging is complete, and now a station is starting to form. Looks like some of the old area will indeed be part of the new attraction, as I spied some work done to the old water pump in corkscrew pass and what’s left of the Landing tower. This has the potential to turn into much more than the run-of-the-mill splash battle.