Park/Construction Update – Sept. 28, 2009

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[Editor’s note: This gallery was originally submitted to SDCFans in 2009 and has been moved to the new format of the site in 2014]

Wow, it took me a full year to finally get an official SDCF park update. Sorry guys, I’ve just been so caught up with things this year, and I do live pretty far away.
Anyhow, the park was simply amazing this weekend. The National Harvest Festival brought out all sorts of extra craftsmen from across the country, as well as a slew of great musical acts. The weather was brilliant, and park operations were simply outstanding. There were really no lines to speak of, other than maybe 15 mins. at Powderkeg during midday. I was also blown away once again by the sheer quality and cheapness of the food. I had one meal that consisted of a large burger, fries, drink and apple pie for only $11.66 – try getting that at any other park for under $20.

As far as new stuff around the park, the new parking system turned out to be much larger than I ever thought it would be. Most of the work is done, however the new lot between lots A and C will not be complete until Dec. 1. Once completed, it will hold 1100 cars.

Also new: The Flooded Mine has had much work done to it. All the effects are now working in their full glory – it was fun just to ride through without bothering to shoot targets. Also, AP has a couple of small new effects, and the old ones have also been fixed up. I also think I noticed various new fix ups across the park, so it’s obvious they used this year to address some minor details around the park. Onto the photos: