Plans Revealed For New Branson Landing & Water Chute Site Attractions

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Last month we pointed out the progress on the sale of the old “Cool-off” water chute attraction. The entity behind the purchase has been revealed as FACE Amusement Group, who already operates attractions in Branson’s sister city of Pigeon Forge, TN. Against all my personal speculation, it has been revealed that the new owners do in fact plan to construct Branson’s second mountain coaster on the site, dubbed simply “The Branson Coaster”. Construction is apparently already underway, and the new ride should open sometime this summer. A small photo of the blueprints for the site can be seen towards the bottom of this news article. Judging from the outline of the blueprints, the coaster will start by rolling out of the station and into a helix, before winding down the hillside to a mid-course lift-hill. The ride will wind down the hill once more until a second lifthill brings riders back to the station. The plans also show that the existing rental cottages and the Old Time Photo building will be saved and re-used somehow.


There could be a twist to distinguish this mountain coaster from the other independent mountain coaster already operating in Branson. In a quote for Branson Tri-Lakes News, Rusty Mabe stated that his company likes to give their own little twist to their attractions, and he promises that this coaster will be unique.


At the same time, FACE Amusement Group is also bringing three other new attractions to Branson, with several of them being placed in Branson Landing. There will be an arcade, a shooting interactive dark ride, and some sort of corn/mirror maze. The dark ride alone should pique some major interest for our readers as we have often compared Silver Dollar City’s classic dark rides with their newer counterparts in other parks. Perhaps a new dark ride on SDC’s doorstep will encourage SDC to invest in their existing dark rides more – or even better, add a new one.


Get more info on these developments here on Branson Tri-Lakes News.