Roadwork on 76 to Begin Later This Month

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MoDOT is taking out yet another famous Missouri curve on the route from Branson to Silver Dollar City. As the road currently stands, 76 widens into four lanes to cross the yet-unfinished Ozark Mountain Highroad, but then narrows from four to two lanes as it navigates around a typical Ozark hill. This project will both remove that curve and keep the road widened into four lanes all the way to the Silver Dollar City turnoff.

This project will eliminate some grief that drivers commonly experienced on backed up days where traffic would have to immediately re-merge into two lanes, causing all sorts of confusion. Unfortunately, it also means the destruction of yet more of the landscape that attracted visitors to this area in the first place.

What do you think? Check out the commentary on our forums, or the official news source KY3 for more information.