SDC Purchases Additional Steam Trains

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Silver Dollar City has purchased two additional steam trains from a private collection in Minnesota. One of the new trains is being refurbished and will be put into service next year, while the other engine appears to be a more modern styled engine that could be used as a back-up. Both engines apparently have ties to WWII, similar to SDC’s current trains. At that time, narrow gage steam engines such as these were frequently used in shipyards and mines.

Silver Dollar City already has at least three engines in rotating service, with an additional engine in storage according to the information that was put together by sdcfans member ‘SteamFreak’ which can be found here. The new trains will ensure that the park always has at least a couple of trains in operable condition for guests. Plus, you simply can’t pass up the chance to stock up on WWII era narrow gage steam engines.

More information on the family that sold the trains and their history can be found here at the StarTribune.

The more modern-styled engine can be spotted from the train ride as you pass by the round house. As of this weekend it was parked on the far side from the tracks. It is mostly yellow with a more plain steel sided appearance.