The Flooded Mine

Another classic SDC favorite, The Flooded Mine takes you on a slow voyage through the flooded remnants of a mine/prison complex that’s bitten off more than it can chew. It’s your job to help out the warden by whipping the prisoners back into shape with your handy electronic pistol. Targets are positioned throughout the ride, setting off special effects when ‘hit’ by a shot from one of the on-board pistols.
The ride is essentially a slow paced boat ride through an air-conditioned building, perfect for when you just want something to do to get off of your feet for awhile.

The Flooded Mine opened in 1968, the same year the park started charging admission. Originally just a leisurely boat ride, the electronic guns and targets were added in 1990 and the official name of the ride was changed to ‘The Great Shoot Out at the Flooded Mine’.
The ride is among a handful of SDC attraction to have it’s own theme song.