Fact Sheet
Ride Type: Steel Sit-down Looping Roller Coaster
Year: 2001
Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard
Height: 120′
Drop Height: 155′
Speed: 66 mph
Cost to Build:  $14,000,000 USD
Capacity:  1300 riders per hour (approx).
Height Requirement:
52 inches


Wildfire is a B&M “mega” looper themed around a test track for an experimental fuel developed by park character Dr. Hartio Harris. Introduced in 2001, Wildfire launched SDC into the thrill ride limelight, propelling the entire Herschend chain into a new era of major-league thrills. The ride was built by the esteemed Bolliger & Mabillard at a cost of $14 million. The ride’s placement on a hill allows for a stunning 155′ drop down the hillside.


Ride Experience:

After queueing through Wildfire’s impressive and highly themed station riders board in one of the 8 rows of 4 seats. As the train dispatches, clouds of steam are released from the tanks overhead, and the train makes a dipping turn out of the station, under a bridge, and up onto the lift hill. After cresting the lift, riders get a quick dip and a glance over at Powderkeg before the train turns and plunges 155 ft downward hitting the top speed of 66 MPH. There’s no time to recover here, as riders are then sent up into a towering Imellan (something like a vertical loop, but after reaching the top, the track flips over and dives down rather than going straight) where the greatest forces on the ride can be experienced. Then comes a vertical loop and then a slight s-curve loaded with trim breaks before hitting the awe-inspiring and highly-visible cobra roll, in witch the train flips over twice. The track then goes over a small, slanted hop over itself and procedes into a corkscrew. Finally, the train stealthily careens through a final helix which ends with a small pop into the break run.