SDC-Smaller Flat Rides

Magnificent Wave Carousel

Towering high above the Grand Expo, the Magnificent Wave Carousel makes up the main focal point of the entire area. It’s the first thing you see when entering the Expo.

This is a typical Zamperla Waveswinger, with the usual ornaments. They are a modern theme park staple, but this one in particular manages to stand out due to it’s Picturesque location.

Ride Experience:

Riders are seated in little chairs suspended 20-30 or so feet from a structure resembling a giant mushroom. The top of the structure lifts up and spins around, and even tilts, as the chairs attached to it swing high into the air. Only a small bar keeps you in, but don’t worry, that’s all you need as the forces on this attraction are not notable.

Royal Tea Party

The Royal Tea Party is a 12-passenger tea cups ride from Zamperla. The ride is located towards the back of the Grand Exposition Area.


Racing Regatta

This ride is like the old Hymalaya rides, but open and with disconnected cars. Little boat-shaped cars fly around a circular piece of track, which has dips and crests in it. If you ride with a partner, know that the person on the outside is in for a squishing!


Mighty Galleon

A run-of-the-mill swinging ship, the Mighty Galleon is in fact more of a gentle ship, but is very popular none the less. Look for the ride-ops performing the water cup trick.


Elephant March

A smaller version of the famous Dumbo ride at the Disney parks. Riders get to pilot flying elephants, as they fly around in a circle. Push the big red button to make it rise, let go and it falls back down again.



Hugo and Mary’s Carousel

This classic carousel was originally located in Tom Sawyer’s Landing, where Riverblast is now located. The name pays homage to SDC’s founders, Hugo and Mary Herschend.


Wings Of Wonder, Ladybugs, And The Happy Frogs

These are a set of 3 kiddie rides found in the Science portion of the Grand Expo. All three are standard Zamperla children’s rides, and they all kinda go around in circles.