The Great American Plunge

The American Plunge made it’s debut in 1981, taking the place of the much tamer Jim Owen’s Float Trip ride of which some parts have been re-used in TAP such as the tunnel and the whirlpool just afterwards.

The American Plunge is a standard Arrow log flume, which consists of elongated cars that resemble hollowed-out logs which float along a constructed water way until they are hoisted up on a lift to be sent down a harrowing plunge into a pond. No restraints are used on the old-fashioned flume boats.
The ride starts off with a long, dark tunnel that once held a series of animatronics and special effects, but is now empty. After exiting the tunnel you make a sharp curve the left around a whirlpool, in which a man is caught in the center, who is being held from going under by his faithful dog. Your log heads straight for a short while here, as you pass under a bridge and a few extra animatronics. Then you hit it: the big lift. You are taken up over 5 stories high, only to plummet down a sharp drop on which your log flies down at over 35 miles per hour. Of course, your log hits the pool below, makes a massive splash which soaks you and a few spectators, and the ride is mostly over. After the plunge you merely pass under the spectator bridge, make a curve to the right, pass a wall usually coated with spat gum, and after a short straight bit, are back in the station. The last straight bit, while uneventful, provides some nice views of the forest surrounding SDC.

This ride is a classic and a definite must for any SDC trip. Catch it during the summer season as it is closed in the winter. The ride is not terribly forceful, and children need only be 34 inches tall to ride.