Silver Dollar City Announces ‘Fireman’s Landing’

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The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived, and Silver Dollar City’s 2015 plans are now public for all to see.

Geyser Gulch’s replacement is a new area dubbed ‘Fireman’s Landing’, which features a new playhouse featuring many of the old Geyser Gulch amenities plus more.  A foam ball play area, obsticle courses, and other fun things will be the centerpiece of the area, housed in a brilliantly themed 1880’s firehouse.

The surrounding area includes several new rides appropriate for younger children. The most notable rides include an S&S double shot themed to a fire poll which will shoot out of the firehouse structure, and a classic Zamperla Balloon Chase which formerly resided in Tom Sawyer’s Landing and has been MIA from the park for several years.

All of us at SDCFans are excited about this addition and are pleased that the park has chosen to continue its legacy of thoughtful, well-rounded development in exciting and immersive environments while also meeting the desires of modern SDC visitors with the ride additions.

Check out all the details here on the official site.