Silver Dollar City Introduces New Character

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Silver Dollar City has a long tradition of creating characters to go along with the theme and storyline of the park. At one point, all of the park’s “citizens” had their own back-stories and individualized costumes. Various major additions to the park such as Rube Dugan’s Diving Bell saw special characters created along with them, including of course, the namesake Rube Dugans, who was originally supposed to continue his legacy in Geyser Gulch.

With the creation of Fireman’s Landing, Silver Dollar City is turning back to this old practice with a new twist: LUCKY The Rescue Doghas been created to prowl Fireman’s Landing and somehow entertain guests. It’s not clear just yet how this character will operate within the area, but one would expect photo opportunities and meet and greets to be a major part of it similar to other parks with well-known roving characters. While this character may not have the name-brand recognition of other costumed characters, it is sure to delight the very young guests that part of Fireman’s Landing is to cater to.

A depiction of Lucky can be found at the bottom of the official page.

Get more information on Fireman’s Landing here on the official page.