Silver Dollar City Meets Attendance Expectations for 2014

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In a rare move, Silver Dollar City released the attendance total for 2014 in a recent article (see here). At 1.9 million visitors in 2014, SDC PR Director Lisa Rau says they met their goal for the year. The park struggled some during the year due to poor weather on the weekends, but a strong Christmas season rocketed their attendance figures back up.

Branson also did well in 2014, getting its highest retail sales tax revenue in its recorded history (a 3 percent increase from 2013). Tax receipts were also up from 2013 in every major category: amusements, theaters, hotel and motel, campgrounds, overnight rental, and food.

While those numbers are somewhat encouraging, it does raise some questions for fans concerning SDC and Branson’s slow growth. SDC has seemingly had roughly flat attendance projections over the past decade while it’s sister park Dollywood in Tennessee is growing exponentially. Branson is slowly gaining steam coming off the Great Recession and the recent tornado, but the town continues to struggle with more of the same issues that have plagued large-scale growth for decades. There are plenty of bright spots scattered here and there, but with other attractions within the region catching up to Branson and Silver Dollar City, we’re watching and waiting for some big movements to be adopted to get Branson and Silver Dollar City back into strong growth projections.

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