Silver Dollar City’s An Old Time Christmas 2011

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[Editor’s note: This gallery was originally added to SDCFans in 2011 and has been moved to the new format of the site in 2014]

Black Friday is always one of the busiest days of the season for Silver Dollar City, and this year was no different. The park was so busy on Friday that the line for nearly every ride spilled out of their respective queue lines and stretched down the pathways. Even with these crowds I had a very enjoyable time taking in the lights, shopping, watching craftsmen, and even getting in a few rides due to the quick-moving lines.

The next day however was cold, windy and wet as a major cold front moved in. Crowds were much, much lighter and I was able to walk onto most rides and see all the demonstrations without dealing with crowds.

A few notes about park changes:

As noted on our forums, the train cars are all in the process of being rebuilt. I got to ride in one of the newly rebuilt cars this time and it lived up to my expectations, though I’ll miss the classic roof outline when the switch-over is complete. One of the old train car bodies has joined the wrecked engine at the “crash site” along the train route.

There are indeed construction markers in the area by the old train robbery cabin, but you have to be quick to see them. Upon exiting the tunnel, look into the tree line on the far side of the cabin and you’ll probably see a wooden stake or two and some purple flag markers. Looks like they may do some preparation work this off-season for a possible new attraction in this area for the 2013 season (check out the SDC 2013 project thread on our forums for more info).

Riding Wildfire today made me realize how awesome Wild Eagle is going to be. The ride is so solid and provides a great all-around experience with the views, awesome drop, and oversized inversions. I was a little let down when I saw that WE wasn’t utilizing some of the newer elements, but now I see that they are sticking to the Wildfire formula that has proven itself so well.

The Mine restaurant below the mill is still probably the best place to eat on park. It was like a second thanksgiving meal tonight. Only slight complaint is that they could probably do more to help out people with food allergies. My father has developed a severe gluten allergy, and it’s always a pill trying to figure out what he can eat. If they would just put allergen labels on their labels it would help everyone out a lot.