Dollywood 2016 Coaster Rumors Heat Up

Yesterday it was discovered that Rocky Mountain Construction, builder of roller coasters such as New Texas Giant and Outlaw Run, is openly recruiting surveyors for the company’s new projects in California, Kentucky cbd store, and Pigeon Forge. You can check out the job posting here. Rocky Mountain Construction has made a name for itself by recreating old wooden coasters into new hybrid steel coasters that far out perform the aging rides they replace. RMC also occasionally builds new rides from the ground up, such as Outlaw Run and Goliath at Six Flags Great America.


This news would seem to confirm the long standing rumors that Dollywood will open a new RMC coaster for 2016. After the smash hit success of Outlaw Run, enthusiasts around the globe have been anxiously anticipating its inevitable Pigeon Forge successor.  A teaser clip was show to the American Coaster Enthusiasts earlier this year showing an animated vintage hot rod shooting off into the distance. That teaser as well as the recently trademarked name “Shot Rod” have led the enthusiast community to all but confirm that this ride will have some sort of launch element, the first on a “wood” coaster.


Construction has already started on the ride’s area at Dollywood, with the former Cas Walkers general store having been torn down and extensive clearing taking place on a formerly unused hill across from the park’s entrance. An announcement is expected mid-August.


Dollywood is currently in the early stages of a ten year, $300 million expansion run that began in 2013 with the Firechaser Express family coaster and the new DreamMore Resort. We expect even bigger things in the near future for Dollywood.

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