Branson Mountain Coaster Is Now Open

The long awaited “mountain coaster” at the new Branson Mountain Adventure Park is now at least partially open for guests. The grand opening ceremony is set for August 12, but today the park announced on its facebook page that it is ready to start “soft opening” daily starting at noon tomorrow. Soft openings are actually common in the coaster world due to the need to train staff with a limited crowd of riders before the masses converge on it.

The new coaster has been dubbed “The Runaway” and includes nearly 5,000 feet of total track with over 3,000 of that being actual coasting descent. Unlike most roller coasters riders are actually able to leverage some control over their car by applying a brake if desired. The maximum speed is only 30 mph, but with the tiny open-air tandem-seating carts hurtling through the trees that speed will feel absolutely out of control.

The posted prices are $15 for the main “driver”, $10 for a second tandem seated rider, and then $10 for all re-rides on the same day. Tax not included. You can find the coaster by taking highway 165 south out of the main drag of Branson past Doc’s Hickory Roadhouse. The Adventure Park is next to Skyline Baptist Church.

Get more information here on the official site.

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