Three Reasons To Visit Silver Dollar City Theme Park In 2017

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Theme parks can provide wonderful family experiences and create lasting memories. Silver Dollar City Theme Park, located near Branson, Missouri, is a park the entire family will enjoy due its numerous attractions, shows, shopping, demonstrations, and dining options.


1. Thrilling Rides and Attractions

The theme park boasts 16 adventurous, exciting family attractions for young and old alike ranging from roller coasters to water rides to a stunning cave and more. You aren’t going to find one of the tallest roller coasters in America here, but you are still going to have an excellent time. See below for an overview of some of the top rides and features of the park:

Marvel Cave – Take a tour of this breathtaking limestone cave and travel hundreds of feet below the surface

Thunderation – A wild, classic wooden roller coaster that travels almost 50 mph

Magnificent Wave Carousel – A swing carousel that sends you soaring 40 feet in the air

WildFire – An adrenaline-pumping, 66 mph roller coaster featuring soaring heights and multiple loops and drops

American Plunge – An exhilarating ride ending with a 5 story splashdown at 35 mph

Fire Fall – A high-thrill ride that drops you 8 stories in a matter of seconds

Fire in the Hole – A high-speed indoor roller coaster offering drops and surprises throughout the ride

Oak Trail School – An authentic 1800’s one room school

Gerry’a Pizza A true classic

The park also features a large variety of smaller rides that are well-suited to little explorers.


2. Delicious Dining

Silver Dollar City features a host of unique, delicious dining opportunities to enjoy. Restaurant options include everything from full blown dinners to grab and go snacks.

Whether you are craving a home-style meal, burgers and fries, ribs, pizza, barbecue, ice cream, hot dogs, nachos, or delicious baked goods, there is award-winning food available throughout the park.


3. Shows

A diverse range of entertaining shows are offered at the park. Enjoy everything from live country, bluegrass, western, and gospel music to championship cloggers to the famous Harlem Globetrotters can be experienced. Visitors can also enjoy wild west shows, holiday specials, and barn dances.

All in all, when considering a visit to a theme park, Silver Dollar City deserves a spot at the top of your list. The rides, dining, and family fun will not disappoint and will make for an unforgettable experience.