Throwback Thursday: Runaway-Ore-Carts

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The Runaway-Ore-Carts was Silver Dollar City’s original kiddie roller coaster. The coaster stood from 1989 to 2005 in the Huck Finn’s Hideaway section of the park next to the corkscrew pass in what is now just an open smoking area overlooking River Blast. RCDB indicates that it was a typical Molina and Sons’s oval layout kiddie coaster, the kind that used to be produced in mass by several companies with extremely similar designs.

There’s not much to say about the ride experience on this little coaster. Based purely on my (often faulty) memory, I believe the experience included: a small lift hill of about 15 ft in height, at the top of which the track careened into a left hand curved drop followed by two small hops and a small turnaround that itself included a small hop as it rounded back into the station. I seem to recall we were given three cycles with each ride.

I don’t recall much adornment of this attraction, which was unique for this park. The ride was completely exposed, with only a small open platform for loading and unloading. The only thing that stood out was a cable brace that was added at some point underneath the lift hill. This brace was used to support the treehouse across the train tracks from the coaster when it first started experiencing small structural issues. The brace is still there, and will be there until the park finally removes the now empty and unused treehouse.

The Runaway-Ore-Carts was taken out just before the introduction of the Grand Exposition Coaster within the new Grand Exposition area which included a total of ten new rides mostly oriented towards young kids. By the time of it’s demise, the Runaway-Ore-Carts were quite bumpy and rough, almost dangerously so. I remember bashing my head against the back of the cars as it rounded the curve into the station. The Grand Expo addition provided the perfect opportunity to replace the tiny coaster with a modern equivalent that embodies much the same experience. Nothing has filled the void left behind by the ride. It is now just empty space just outside the Corkskrew pass overlooking River Blast. Perhaps someday soon we’ll see the city find a new use for this prime plot of real estate, but for now it is simply a quiet smoking area.

I don’t actually have any of my own photos of The Runaway-Ore-Carts to share as I didn’t get in the habit of taking photos until just after it’s demise. If you have any you’d like to add to our public collection, please email them to