Violet Hensley, One of Silver Dollar City’s Oldest Musicians, Biographed in New Book

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Violet Hensley is one of the true treasures of a person you can only find at Silver Dollar City. In fact, she’s actually a recipient of the Arkansas Living Treasure award! Violet’s life and decades of experiences at Silver Dollar City have now been biographed with the help of award winning journalist, author, and bluegrass musician Randal Franks in the new book Whittlin’ and Fiddlin’ My Own Way: The Violet Hensley Story. The book is published through Peach Picked Publishing and is available for $25 including shipping. It can be purchased through Violet’s official website linked at the bottom of this article.

Violet joined the Silver Dollar City family in 1967 as part of a cast of personalities hired to promote the park. Peter Herschend and her used to travel the country giving interviews about the park during its earlier years. Her charm and story telling abilities are emblematic of the true Silver Dollar City spirit that makes the city such a special place. She has continued to be associated with the park after all these years even after becoming famous enough as a fiddler to have her work featured on such shows as the Beverly Hillbillies and Captain Kangaroo, not to mention raising a family of nine on the side.

Violet has been a frequent fixture at Silver Dollar City, especially during the National Cowboy and Harvest Festival. Look for her Fiddle-making booth next year!

See a more detailed write-up in this news story, or visit Violet’s official website for more info.